Let's capture the love!

I’m Tammy, a professional newborn and family photographer based in Adelaide, Australia.

Your kids love you and you love them. Let me show you how much through a fun family photoshoot that captures genuine smiles, candid interactions, true love and pure joy. Together we will create photographic artwork to adorn the walls of your home which will be adored by your kids and become heirlooms for future generations to enjoy.

Watch the short video below to learn what a photographic experience with East Adelaide Photography includes.

Want to see what a photoshoot REALLY looks like? Check out the video below which contains some snippets of family photoshoots and the end results. All of these families have kids with special needs. It can seem quite chaotic but the kids have a blast and as you will see, I capture lots of gorgeous moments amongst the chaos.

Types of Photoshoots


You are going to become a parent soon! This is scary but also oh so exciting!! Maternity Photoshoots capture this time so your son/daughter can enjoy looking at photos from when they were in your belly!


The initial days of parenthood are a blur and your new little squishy baby will grow faster than you can imagine. Newborn photoshoots freeze time, capture the unbelievable love you have for this little human you have only just met, and capture all their little details so you can look back and remember it all.


Your babies have grown and you realise it’s been too long since you got a nice photo of the whole family. Family photoshoots are all about embracing the chaos and having fun with your awesome little humans! 

Special Needs

Along with being a professional photographer I am also a practicing Occupational Therapist. Together we will design an inclusive photoshoot environment to get those photos you have always wanted, but never thought possible and we will turn the photos into personalised therapeutic resources for your child.

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